Mounting fun

Started work on mounting the Pi’s.  Biggest hassle was working out how to supply power, in a way that still makes them nice and modular incase I have a dead pi once it’s sitting in the DC.  Can’t very well power off 40 Pi’s to replace one..


I had considered using a bunch of RC power connectors to plug the carrier boards for the Pi’s in. But it ended up being FAR too difficult.   Decided to go with the tried and true method of a power cable 😉  It’s going to mean a LOT of ribbon cable though!


Tomorrow, I hope to have the whole carrier framing sorted!

Pi’s, Pi’s, and more Pi’s!

Guess what arrived??   Wooo, lots of Pi’s!!!


I also bought a couple of Mega’s.  That way I have more pins available to drive circuitry plus ethernet, etc.IMG_2956 IMG_2966



Managed to sort out a REST API that works nicely 🙂


Switching? Close

Some parts arrived today!


Looking to see about switching power to some Pi’s via some kind of web-usable API.  I’m using 74HC255’s to drive the relays – Arudino writes 8-bits at a time into them.  And then 74HC244’s to read the current state of the latches so that the PI’s will cleanly survive an arduino reboot..   Once that’s sorted, I can build a management API that something like WHMCS can talk to 😉


Managed to get an Arduino talking to it, but not quite correctly.  Must have fudged something. Will look at it again later 🙂



Had an interesting idea..

IMG_2904With these new Raspberry PI 2 Model B’s coming out, I’ve had an interesting thought… They’re finally powerful enough to use for hosting. Not just little play hosting, but you could ACTUALLY use one instead of a small VPS.. Hmmmm.

The guys from work and I ordered a bunch. And they arrived this morning.  HOOLY DOOLY they are fast.  Well, fast enough to use instead of a small VPS 🙂


Went looking around at home tonight, and found this case that I bought off ebay some time back.. It holds potential 😉  oh, and look, I could fit a 16-relay board nicely in the drive bay.. might even get more than one!