Now THAT is what I call a ride!
Distance: 3150Km
Trip Time: 48:15:30
Max Speed: 134Km/h (Passing a f@#@ car driver on the way back from mt.gambier)
Average Speed: 65.3Km
Total Fuel: 181L
Average Consumption (L/100K: Min, Max, Avg): 6.63, 8.52, 7.21
Had to give the throttle pivots a good soaking with CRC at Melbourne on the way home, as the left pair were sticking open slightly, and had to adjust the pilot jets at mt.gamber, as one bank was waaay too rich, one bank too lean – now it’s running like a charm!
You know the funniest thing? even with Allllll that camping gear on the back of the bike, I *STILL* had a 5 sec 0-100 :-p
Photos coming soonish!

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