RIP Boky, Maddy, Cat

It’s been a hell of a week.
Friday I was in Sydney for Boky’s memorial.. The Funeral was up in Warwick, QLD on the 6th of Jan, which I couldn’t make due to work commitments. WHile I was there, I FINALLY got to meet Cat, who I’ve spoken to on IRC pretty much forever. She’s only 5 foot tall, but she’s the bubbliest happy person I’ve ever met.
Sunday, I rode up to Sydney for a bit of a get-together bbq at Tim and J5’s place.. Monday morning we were up with the sun to assemble at Road warriors Cafe on the Old Pacific Highway for an hour and a bit ride to the Crematorium where Maddy’s Funeral was to be held.. Maddy died in an accident on the way back from Boky’s funeral in Warwick. The wake back at Road Warriors turned out really good. South (Maddy’s Husband of 3 months) was smiling towards the end and looking close to his usual self, so being surrounded by friends and family was doing its job.
Now you remember me mentioning Cat above? I logged onto usenet Yesterday (Wenesday) morning, to find news that Cat was killed in a car accident in Tasmania on Tusday night.. Apparently a 75yo had a heart attack and somehow managed to come down the wrong way on the freeway and hit the car that she was driving. So she’s now dead 🙁
What the hell is going on?!

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