Well that was easy!

So just finished upgrading the Law Foundation’s FirstClass server from 8.2 through 8.3 to 9.0. Seven and a half hours to back the bastich up (pointed out it needed a damned good defrag.. have fired that off..), then FIVE MINUTES to do the upgrade! Gotta say I was bloody impressed!!
Couple of hitches – most notable being it removed ‘WWW Client’ access from the ‘All Users’ group.. That would have caused a few hiccups, but sorted now.. Also, will be interesting, it remodelled all users desktops to force them to their group’s model desktop layout… Will see if we get any complaints about that!
Gotta say I love the automatic client upgrade feature.. Finished the upgrade, and then logged in with my 8.2 client, and bingo, it goes ‘you need to upgrade your client, click OK to continue’, and voila, 5 mins later it’s downloaded and upgraded me to V9.0!
You know, this month, it’s 13 years since I first started using Firstclass – originally on version 2.6 on a 300 baud manuall-dial modem using the IEAust’s EOL BBS!

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