Dodgy Gear position sensor stopping the bike starting??

So I decided to see if I could figure out the dash problems that are stopping the K100 from starting.. – Waiting on the paint to set nicely before I hit it with cutting compound, so thought it was time to work on other things.. LOTS of mucking around later, I’d finally tracked it back to the first of the three sensor wires coming off the gear position sensor being faulty.. Thankfully I’m told that I don’t have to pull the gearbox down to pull the sensor off.. Seems that the neutral sense comes from that wire, hence not being able to start it.. *totally* disconnect the sensor, and at least I can start it with the clutch it – seems having just one wire wrong totally confuses the dash!
Nope that’s right.. I *only* have to remove the rear wheel, final drive, footpeg mounts, muffler mount, pannier mounts.. oh, the swingarm and rear shock.. But I guess that’s easier than dropping the gearbox 😉

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