Sigh, why don’t people pay on time?

I don’t understand why clients don’t pay on time? I mean, they get an invoice on their invoice date.. Then one with ‘OVERDUE" in big red letters at the start of the next month. Then again a fortnight later.. Then again at the start of the next month.. Then again a fortnight later.. Then one at the start of the third month, with ‘SUSPENDED’ on it.. At which point I’ve also redirected their website (or domains) to our site, and taken down any other services (SSL Certs, re-billing services, etc) on the overdue invoice..

So on the first of the month, a client who re-bills all their webhosting through me had an invoice with a couple of domain renewals and an SSL cert hit the three month mark.. So the domains went to our contactaccounts page, and I reverted the SSL cert back to the expired one.. No mention of it from the client.. hrrmmm.. Then today their client notices that their cert is expired, and hey, they’re complaining about it being down.. And telling me off for telling their accounts manager who asked me *why* it was down, that as usual, they were more than 3 months behind on their bills..
Ahh well, I’ll *email* them through their invoices, and we’ll see what happens..
But it’s not just one client – yes, this one client is probably the worst offender, as I’ve had to shut their colo’d server, and other things down five times(?) in the last two years.. but still – there’s multiple clients (and some, sure, they’re small non-profit groups who have a horrendous invoice-approval chain, though they’ve been receiving the same invoice for 10+ years so you’d think they’d have figured out some fast-approval for paying them.. But some are large, organised, organisations.. – and they’re still taking > 2 months to pay their bills!
Though i swear half the clients late payments have only happened since this ‘financial crisis’ which the govt reckons we haven’t had here, hit.. – if we haven’t had it here, why are all my clients taking SO long to pay their bills??

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