Building a new Antenna!

So the TEV, as good as it is, really doesn’t cut it for 40m 🙁

So it’s time to string up a dipole!

Of course, it’s not that simple 😉  I figure if I’m going to the effort of putting up support masts (using 6.5m lengths of 20mm MD gal tube (5mm wall), mounted to the fence posts each side of the yard), and running rope, cable, etc.. then I may as well ‘do it right’..  So I’m budiling a Multiband Dipole! It looks pretty good, so we’ll see how it works – the poles are on order (BJH don’t keep 20mm medium-duty pipe in stock, so it should be arriving friday..), I’m currently building the centre separator (18″ high, as I want to make it four-band to include 10m as well..), plus figuring out how to run the wires for the dipole.. I have a 100m role of light fig-8 speaker cable here, so I’m figuring I’ll just split that (giving me 200m), and then make the top run of the fan actually out of light rope, with the dipole wire tethered to it.. – then the other (shorter) wire runs should be ok to hang under that.. – we’ll see how they go, we can always replace with rope later on..

Photos to follow 🙂

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