Shack partially setup :)

Well, I still need another two monitors at a minimum,and I’d like to find a discone somewhere to run the PCR-1000 off.. And need to get around to digging out Sharree’s old car battery to run float from the 60A PSU so I’m not mains dependant (yes, everything’s on a 3kva UPS, but that also needs new batteries.. like, EPICALLY needs new batteries – last blackout, my 700W of load got 45 seconds before the UPS gave out.. on an extended life pack.. So should be good for an hour at 3kW. Not looking forward to the ~400 worth of batteries to replace that..

Ahh well, at least I have a shack again 🙂

Now my problem is that NEITHER of my UHF/VHF antennas seem to be working.. 10:1 SWR on UHF, and I can’t get enoug power out of either of my rigs to calibrate the meter to GET a SWR reading on VHF.. I’m wondering if it’s bad cable???

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