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Who am I, you ask? Well, five years ago, I would have given a bio here.. But in this ever changing world of cyber-stalking, people who won’t leave me alone, and governments who just get too darned pushy, you’re not really going to find out much.. 🙂

My name is Damien Gardner, I’m in my 30’s, and I live on the eastern side of Australia. I used to work for a Canberra company called Adaptive Systems (formerly Internet Solutions Australia), as a Systems Engineer, and later Support Services Manager. However I left them back in April of 2006, and haven’t looked back.. I’m now running my own web/application hosting company, and doing applications development and IT support in with it. It’s fun. It pays the bills. And I have a lot of free time. In a nutshell, it’s great 🙂

Adaptive went belly-up in June of 2006, so we did a contra-deal, whereby I took on their hosting operations, in return for handling the technical side of the wind-down of the company. Worked out well for them, as I think they would have had a lot of hassle doing it themselves, and for me, it added a good 1.5k/month of websites to my hosting, which is a Good Thing (TM)

While working for Adaptive, I worked on projects for the National Heart Foundation, HIA, NSW Law Foundation, Institution of Engineers Australia, ACT & WA Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Fujitsu, ACT Motor Vehicle Registry, CSC, the Defence Housing Authority, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Downing Teal, the Australian Communications Authority, Toyota NZ, the Australian Federation of Advertising, and INracing.

These days I have half a rack’s worth of servers in one of the Pipe cages at Globalswtich in Sydney, plus a couple of servers in the US running high-volume stuff like email scanning, media serving.

In my spare time, I enjoy a couple of hobbies –

  • reading – I’m an avid Fantasy/sci-fi reader, and add about 100-120 books a year to my collection.
  • riding my bike – an ’84 BMW K100RT – a very fun and capable tourer 🙂
  • tinkering with my radios – I’m an avid Amateur Radio Operator (VK2TDG/VK2DGJ), am fairly active in the Australian APRS community (http://www.aprs.net.au)

Geek Code: GE/IT d+(++) s-: a C++(++++)$ UL++++ P+ L++ E W+++$ N+ K+ w+ M+++ PS PE- Y+ PGP+ t++ 5++ X+ R tv+ b++ DI+ D+++ G+ e+ h— r++ y+ Decode This

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