Setting up ZFS on Debian in 10 minutes

We run a small Citrix XenServer cluster at work, for our internal servers, and we had been running just a simple raid-1 array on the backend server. However the idea of SSD cache peaked my interest, so I backed up our storage repo one weekend, and reinstalled the server. Here’s how I installed it: apt-get […]

MySQL Multi-Master Replication Setup

So we have a bunch of websites for different markets, running wordpress, which we would ideally like hosted in their home market. BUT, we want to be able to fail them over to a different country, should the servers in their country go down. Failover in a MySQL master-slave relationship is always a bit of […]

XenServer – Creating a local ISO repository

Starting a new job, I’m essentially starting from scratch, as far as development infrastructure goes – The live sites are hosted on a cpanel server with ftp access only – so debugging is basically a moot point – and there have been no development sites for quite a while – it’s a simple case of […]