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Remote heads shelf

Woohoo!! Have been hassling myself over this one for days, as I did other bits, trying to figure out how to do it – now its done!!

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Coming along

So got a bit done in the last couple of days! The rear cab distributor is in (for some reason I havent’ taken a photo of it yet.. will get one soon!), i have it connected to the power feed from the front, have an earth line from it to go to one of the rear seat mounting bolts, and also have pos and earth lines to run to the ute back. I also selastic’d up that annoying whistle in the roof, though got a surprise while doing it!

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Wiring Coming along :)

So the main line wiring is in – main -> cutout switch -> dual battery relay -> cutout switch -> aux battery. And then a takeoff from the aux battery cutout switch that also goes off to the front power distributor blocks, and under the body along the chassis rail to behind the back seat

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Battery and Air cleaner

So, the battery is now properly mounted – modified that top bracket, and it now clears the bonnet with a cm or so to spare 🙂

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So I’ve partially found out what this ‘hella transflash’ thing is for.. It connects INLINE with my existing flasher relay, between the relay and my trailer socket.. Idea is twofold – 1) IT drives the trailer/caravan indicators, so it doesn’t change flash rate, and a short doesn’t take out the main indicators on the ute.. 2) If a globe blows on the trailer/caravan (I haven’t confirmed this by testing yet mind you), that little red light is supposed to light up.. How that works, I dont’ know 🙂 When I test it and find out, I’ll post back!