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Power Out!

Ugh!  We just had an EPIC storm, and currently have no power other than what I have in all the deep cycle batteries in all the UPS’s etc.  But I’ve been a bit lax since we shifted into this house.  Settling into becoming a Family man and all that.  Used to be I had a go bag, plenty of spare fuel, auto-start genny. The works.  This has caught me out fairly hardcore.  Mobile network is down, as EVERYONE is trying to use it as noone has a hard-line phone anymore – they’re all DECT handsets whose base stations don’t work when there’s no power.  Plus I give it 24hr and we’ll have NO mobile network anyway..

So we need power to the comms gear.  When my old work moved out of their old office into a new one, I scored a bunch of DC UPS’s.  Little APC 40V jobbies with 24v daughter cards.  The Mikrotik router will take 24v happily, but the TPLink DSL modem? Not so much. It wants 5v.

IMG_3150IMG_3152 Yep, that works nicely 🙂