What is the Preface all about?

Well, I just thought that this was as good a way as any, to explain the ideas behind this site. has been online, in many different forms, for over 12 years now. When I first linked up with Telstra Internet (kinda the wholesale/backbone arm of Telstra Bigpond) and got all my funky Static IP’s, and all the guff, I went and registered At the time, having your own domain name was something special, and I had some neato ideas about what to put up.

My first thought was to put a whole bucketload of source code online – during my teenage years, I was an avid electronics/microcomputer nut, and had developed software for a multitude of processor architectures (x86, z80, m68k, 8051, c751, 6501, etc), and was going to put the lot online.. Somehow the site never quite got that far, as I never really quite had a look or a backend that I was happy with.

However the site is now fully database-driven, so I can add new articles/pages by just shoving the text in, and everything else is taken care of by templates, etc, so we’re ready to burl..

(The disclaimer-type bit)

This site is basically a collection of my thoughts, ramblings, source code, projects, schematic diagrams, etc, from throughout the ages. If you don’t like something I’ve written, feel free to not view that page again. :)If you really disagree with me (heaven knows there’s plenty of nit-pickers out there), feel free to shoot me an email saying so…

All Projects/Source code on this site are mine, unless otherwise attributed (i.e. a class project for which I’ve obtained permission of the other people involved, to publish it online) – Feel free to link across, save a local copy if you’re going to try a project/program, but if you want to distribute it to friends, please make it clear where the marterial is from, or even easier – just give them the url.. – It’s not very often that I delete anything from this site.. – and if you do get a 404 on a URL, try swapping the ‘www’ in the address for ‘archive’ – I archive things after a year or so, so you’ll no doubt find it there if it’s not in the main site anymore..

Anyway, enjoy the site, and let me know if you think I could add anything else.



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