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Whoa, where’d the cold come from?!

Now normally, the two rooms downstairs which make up my office have their airconditioners running fairly solidly.. little 1.3kW, fairly quiet unit in the office itself, and a 1.5kW fairly noisy unit in the front room.. They usually run on around a 20% duty cycle in the colder weather..

Walked into the office when i got home from sydney this evening, and it was 16C in the office, and both aircons were off! Had to go hunt out the trusty speedy heater I keep in our camping kit! 🙂

Disorganised Much?

NSW Teachers federation Has a thing called the Anna Stewart Program – it’s to help make Female members of the TF more involved, and get them working within the federation.. Term 4 sees a member selected for working at the Head Office in Sydney for the entire term.. Which is a great opportunity, if you want to get more involved in your union.. This year at annual conference, there was quite a bit of talk about how the Female members of the TF tended to stop participating when they had children, and then got involved again 20-or-so years later when their children left home, because organising their lives around federation activities was just too much work..

And what do you know? We’re two weeks from the end of term 3 – and there’s been no decision as to who the successful applicant for the Term-4 position is! If the selected lady has a family, and doesn’t live in sydney, it doesn’t leave her very long to organise her family, life, etc, to do without her for *THREE MONTHS* while she’s living in sydney working with the federation..


Dear god, the language!

So it’s the last day of term today (for the missus anyway..), so she got me to go pickup pizza, and bring it down for her students.. I’m sitting outside her classroom reading an ARRL SSTV article on my iphone, after she’d gone back into her room at lunchtime, and it was like a switch on the kids mouths.. As soon as she’d headed inside, and there were no other teachers around, it was as though someone had flipped a swear-switch on the kids! It was all mother-f’ing this, and ‘you g**-d*mn*d’ that.
Wow, there’s something VERY wrong with our education system these days, if kids even THINK of swearing at school, let alone doing it! Lordy, if we’d sworn at school when I was a kid, we’d have got a bloody good switching! And it’s not like that was *that* long ago!

Wooo, 1/4 of the cleanup done!

So I’ve just posted the last of the first batch of stuff I put up on ebay.. Not too bad, though i must have spent a good 15 hours photo’ing, and googling specs to build up the ads.. Still have an absolute bucketload of stuff, though most of it now is scsi cards, usb/firewire cards, scsi hdd’s, and old 8×4.5 and 8.9gb raid cabinets.. Oh, and ram, and motherboards, and old 4RU ATX rackmount cases.. Will put that that stuff up when I get back from the christmas break.. Would be *really* good to have everything gone, and the garage/server room basically just containing the stuff I’m keeping, by the time I head up for Sharree’s birthday at the end of jan..
Fingers crossed – there’s a lot of work there 🙂

Linuxifying my lappy

So windows is starting to tee me off with its startup times on my notebook.. granted, given the specs of the thing it ‘only’ takes 30 seconds to get to the login prompt, but then there’s all the time after login to load virus scanners, and all that jazz..
So I decided to give linux a burl, after a 2-year stint without linux on the desktop..

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