Wooo, 1/4 of the cleanup done!

So I’ve just posted the last of the first batch of stuff I put up on ebay.. Not too bad, though i must have spent a good 15 hours photo’ing, and googling specs to build up the ads.. Still have an absolute bucketload of stuff, though most of it now is scsi cards, usb/firewire cards, scsi hdd’s, and old 8×4.5 and 8.9gb raid cabinets.. Oh, and ram, and motherboards, and old 4RU ATX rackmount cases.. Will put that that stuff up when I get back from the christmas break.. Would be *really* good to have everything gone, and the garage/server room basically just containing the stuff I’m keeping, by the time I head up for Sharree’s birthday at the end of jan..
Fingers crossed – there’s a lot of work there 🙂

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