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Those fun question thingies

Stolen from Jase who stole it from lord only knows where…
Here we go…

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et memini Maddy

Wow, it’s been a year. We still miss you Maddy!

et memini Boky

I can’t believe it’s a year gone by since Boky died already. We all miss you mate.


Went to see the Emerald Model Train exhibition thingy today with mum and dad – got a heap of photos (see ), was a pretty cool layout… Was also nice to get out of the house 🙂
Back to work tomorrow… Have to do a heap of stuff for steve for RingSing, plus I need to do some stuff for deek’s bakery, AND i have to do that rebuild of fresh fruit and veg… Also have to make sure I have all the gear I need for summernats – not far away from that now!


So the other day I was putting a disclaimer on the AFPA’s online store.. Wasn’t quite sure why they wanted such a full-on disclaimer, but hey, ok.. While I was there I noticed they had a leatherman that had everything I needed (aka had hex-driven screwdriver bits..), so I went ahead and ordered one.. Then it arrived: