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My God, I’m so bored! First week I haven’t had to work since I left school! Though I ended up pulling *everything* out of the cupboards in the kitchen, disinfecting all the cupboads, washing all the cutlery/crockery/pans/appliances/etc.. And then, since josh had made the comment the other week about not knowing what stuff was actually theirs and what was mine, I sorted everything out so that my stuff is in one set of cupboards, theirs is in another.. Ended up cleaning up the linen closet, and did the same thing.. Well that’s two days out of the way, now what to do with the rest of the week??


So I’ve spent the last week looking at houses, and on the phone to iiNet, looking at how possible it would be to move into a new place..
So far not looking too good – I’d need at least a 3br house with large 2 car garage, or 4br house with small 2 car garage. – either way it ends up costing a HEAP more than here..
Plus while moving the ADSL to the new house wouldn’t be a *huge* issue (basically they migrate the DSL over, and just switch the account over to the new DSL when the new line is ready, so an hour or two of downtime at the most), it’d leave the guys here without internet for a week or two while they applied for their own DSL to replace the one I’d migrated..
At some prompting from a mutual friend last night, I ended up having a talk with josh, and it turns out that he and toby are moving out in a month or two anyway – they’re just saving up for cutlery/crockery, a washing machine, new lounge furniture, etc.. Josh seemed a bit relieved when I pointed out that there would be 1200 worth of his and toby’s share of the bond I’d be paying them if they were to shift out.. – would cover a good part of the bond on a new place (if not all of it..)
Went downstairs to tell Dave tonight, and it turns out that he’s also shifting.. So maybe I won’t end up needing to shift afterall..

New Car!

Bought myself a work ute today – ’87 Hilux Twincab with hard canopy on the ute section at the back.. Got it for a song on the Dominion Online Auctions, and it runs pretty darned well! Has 240k km’s on the clock, but has full service history with grease every 5k km, and oil/filter every 10k km, so pretty happy with that..
Only hassle is it doesn’t have Airconditioning, which the ad actually stated it did.. In discussion with DOLA about that, as legally they have to fit it, but well, that’d cost them a packet and I’m not that much of an SOB (I know they’ve already lost close to $1k on the sale, going on the Section 20 ownership transfer papers), so I’m looking to get them to pay for roof racks and the tongue for the towbar (who sells a car with a hayman-reese towbar without the tongue?!?)
Oh, and the mini is (vaguely) back on the road again – head still needs some work though 🙂

Bumpy ground

We had a bit of a fight in the house the other day.. – I came home and found the bottom garage open, the alarm off, and the back door unlocked – and noone home.. It’s a bit of a security problem, plus because things were left unlocked, it means our insurance doesn’t cover it if stuff gets stolen.. So I sent an email to my housemates asking them to be more security concious, and also asked if they could try and keep the house a little more clean.. As whenever I bring clients over, I have to clean the lounge and kitchen first.. That turned into a huge fracas, which has now just turned into a quiet unconfortableness..
Sigh, I can see that living with friends, plus running a business from home isn’t going to gel very well 🙁

RIP Boky, Maddy, Cat

It’s been a hell of a week.
Friday I was in Sydney for Boky’s memorial.. The Funeral was up in Warwick, QLD on the 6th of Jan, which I couldn’t make due to work commitments. WHile I was there, I FINALLY got to meet Cat, who I’ve spoken to on IRC pretty much forever. She’s only 5 foot tall, but she’s the bubbliest happy person I’ve ever met.
Sunday, I rode up to Sydney for a bit of a get-together bbq at Tim and J5’s place.. Monday morning we were up with the sun to assemble at Road warriors Cafe on the Old Pacific Highway for an hour and a bit ride to the Crematorium where Maddy’s Funeral was to be held.. Maddy died in an accident on the way back from Boky’s funeral in Warwick. The wake back at Road Warriors turned out really good. South (Maddy’s Husband of 3 months) was smiling towards the end and looking close to his usual self, so being surrounded by friends and family was doing its job.
Now you remember me mentioning Cat above? I logged onto usenet Yesterday (Wenesday) morning, to find news that Cat was killed in a car accident in Tasmania on Tusday night.. Apparently a 75yo had a heart attack and somehow managed to come down the wrong way on the freeway and hit the car that she was driving. So she’s now dead 🙁
What the hell is going on?!