New Car!

Bought myself a work ute today – ’87 Hilux Twincab with hard canopy on the ute section at the back.. Got it for a song on the Dominion Online Auctions, and it runs pretty darned well! Has 240k km’s on the clock, but has full service history with grease every 5k km, and oil/filter every 10k km, so pretty happy with that..
Only hassle is it doesn’t have Airconditioning, which the ad actually stated it did.. In discussion with DOLA about that, as legally they have to fit it, but well, that’d cost them a packet and I’m not that much of an SOB (I know they’ve already lost close to $1k on the sale, going on the Section 20 ownership transfer papers), so I’m looking to get them to pay for roof racks and the tongue for the towbar (who sells a car with a hayman-reese towbar without the tongue?!?)
Oh, and the mini is (vaguely) back on the road again – head still needs some work though 🙂

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