Disorganised Much?

NSW Teachers federation Has a thing called the Anna Stewart Program – it’s to help make Female members of the TF more involved, and get them working within the federation.. Term 4 sees a member selected for working at the Head Office in Sydney for the entire term.. Which is a great opportunity, if you want to get more involved in your union.. This year at annual conference, there was quite a bit of talk about how the Female members of the TF tended to stop participating when they had children, and then got involved again 20-or-so years later when their children left home, because organising their lives around federation activities was just too much work..

And what do you know? We’re two weeks from the end of term 3 – and there’s been no decision as to who the successful applicant for the Term-4 position is! If the selected lady has a family, and doesn’t live in sydney, it doesn’t leave her very long to organise her family, life, etc, to do without her for *THREE MONTHS* while she’s living in sydney working with the federation..


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