Dear god, the language!

So it’s the last day of term today (for the missus anyway..), so she got me to go pickup pizza, and bring it down for her students.. I’m sitting outside her classroom reading an ARRL SSTV article on my iphone, after she’d gone back into her room at lunchtime, and it was like a switch on the kids mouths.. As soon as she’d headed inside, and there were no other teachers around, it was as though someone had flipped a swear-switch on the kids! It was all mother-f’ing this, and ‘you g**-d*mn*d’ that.
Wow, there’s something VERY wrong with our education system these days, if kids even THINK of swearing at school, let alone doing it! Lordy, if we’d sworn at school when I was a kid, we’d have got a bloody good switching! And it’s not like that was *that* long ago!

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