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Pi’s, Pi’s, and more Pi’s!

Guess what arrived??   Wooo, lots of Pi’s!!!


I also bought a couple of Mega’s.  That way I have more pins available to drive circuitry plus ethernet, etc.IMG_2956 IMG_2966



Managed to sort out a REST API that works nicely 🙂


Switching? Close

Some parts arrived today!


Looking to see about switching power to some Pi’s via some kind of web-usable API.  I’m using 74HC255’s to drive the relays – Arudino writes 8-bits at a time into them.  And then 74HC244’s to read the current state of the latches so that the PI’s will cleanly survive an arduino reboot..   Once that’s sorted, I can build a management API that something like WHMCS can talk to 😉


Managed to get an Arduino talking to it, but not quite correctly.  Must have fudged something. Will look at it again later 🙂



Had an interesting idea..

IMG_2904With these new Raspberry PI 2 Model B’s coming out, I’ve had an interesting thought… They’re finally powerful enough to use for hosting. Not just little play hosting, but you could ACTUALLY use one instead of a small VPS.. Hmmmm.

The guys from work and I ordered a bunch. And they arrived this morning.  HOOLY DOOLY they are fast.  Well, fast enough to use instead of a small VPS 🙂


Went looking around at home tonight, and found this case that I bought off ebay some time back.. It holds potential 😉  oh, and look, I could fit a 16-relay board nicely in the drive bay.. might even get more than one!