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Another one bites the dust!

Well the VMWare conversion project is working pretty well… –, my main web development server is now running quite happily inside a VM on vmware2 🙂

New servers!

Yep, just picked up two second-hand servers I bought on ebay.. They are:
Dell Poweredge 1650 – 1RU, Dual PIII-1.4GHz, 2GB ram, 2x 100Mbps Eth, 3x SCA drive slots. Also bought 72 and 146GB HDD’s in caddies for it. Though I’ll actually put an 18 and maybe a 36 in there… The 72 will nicely upgrade the 36GB Exchange drive in the main work fileserver, and the 146 will either make a nice scratch disk for video editing work, or go back on ebay and pay for itself (i really just wanted the caddy but the guy wouldn’t sell the caddies without the drives…). This will be – main eth on workstation (private) network, secondary without IP used for vmware for virtual machines..
Compaq DL380 G3 – 2RU, Dual PIII-1.4GHz, 2GB Ram, 4x Gig Eth, 6x SCA drive slots. Came with two 18GB HDD’s – one 10krpm, the other 15krpm. This will be – main eth on workstation (private) network, other eths used one per virtual machine so I can keep using MRTG on my switch ports.. – though we’ll see how many VM’s it ends up with 🙂
Spent quite a bit more than I wa splanning, since those drives weren’t planned (the dell was just going to sit for a month or so till I could find a caddy to put one of my spare 18GB SCA drives into…

Out on my own :)

Well, about a two weeks or so ago I finally finished up at Adaptive (my decision), and now I’m out on my own. Doing hosting (primarily, regular income is good!), IT/Network support, web integration (lord knows I’m pretty shocking at actual design) and programming.
Got a fair bit of work going on already – doing IVR programming for integrated phone/web systems, IT/network support for a couple of companies, and have quite a few website integration and programming jobs on the go..
So far it’s all working out well, and I’m sooooo much happier working for myself, dealing directly with clients, than I was at Adaptive towards the end there 🙂