Much better!

WOOHOO, the bike is on the road again.. Picked up a new (well, old, but not screwed like my previous one, if you know what I mean) engine this arvo. The ‘new’ one was a little older than mine, and didn’t have the Electronic Ignition of mine, nor the front-mounted gear lever, so we had to swap a few things over, but GOOD GOD does it run nice! Where the old engine, you were hard-pressed to kick it over with the kickstarter, you can kick-start it with your hand, it’s so easy to turn over! Plus where the old engine had uneven power up its rev range (what I thought were a number of power bands), this engine just gives the same amount of power all the way from 1200rpm to 10,500rpm (where I decided to back off.. – redline is 9-12,000rpm), and it’s SOOOO quiet.
So yep, I’d say the previous engine was screwed when I bought the bike – it’s never run like this.. plus it starts with one tap of the starter, even when cold..
(Yes, I’m quite happy about it.. 🙂

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