Isn’t it nice when you finally manage to meet some of your resolutions?
Three weeks ago I made two resolutions – one to stop doing something that annoys me, one to get properly into shape by christmas.. Ok, so I’m not in too bad shape – I ride my pushbike the 20km each way into work and back occasionally, and love spending a day out in stromlo forest mountain biking – but that doesn’t mean I’m actually in shape..
Three weeks later, and I’m now able to do 50 pushups and 30 situps in one go, and my heart rate isn’t rising while doing the pushups! I know that’s not much, but stop laughing (*grin*) – That’s a pretty good acheivement in three weeks I think, for someone to whom exercise was walking the 2km to the shops and back to get an icecream after dinner 🙂
I’ve also managed to burn about 90% of the fat in my arms!

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