Bushfires Galore

Holy smokes batman, you should have seen the fires on the weekend! Took out a whole crapload of houses around Canberry (think the total was 508 in the end??)..
The power in Deakin West went out about 2pm, came back up about 5pm, but the entire suburb dropped out again when I tried bringing our server room back online *grin*, so we gave up and sat around for a few hours to see if it would come back up. No such luck, so after cruising over to Randal’s place for some hearty aussie tucker (chicken and pea pies with hot chips), we headed back to mission control and started pulling hard disks out of servers.
Now I’m curious as to where the APS were during all the goings on.. Going on the number of times they’ve called in the bomb squad because I’ve parked my car too close to the building, we were surprised not to get hassled when we backed Spoon’s LandCruiser in through the front doors of the building and started loading files and equipment into the back!
Power came back on sometime Monday morning, and we set things back up again.. Wow those fires are taking off down south though 🙁

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