Woohoo, new bike

Well the old ‘250 finally packed it in, so I went looking for a new bike. Spotted this old XJ750 in the trading post, was waaaay cheap, so went to have a look at it with an open mind.
Well, I got out there, found it was mechanically perfect, it was just the tacho/speedo were both dead. Picked it up the next day, and got it home. Man it rode nice, though I thought it changed through the gears a bit quick..
Tacho turned out to just be unplugged, and after a fair bit of phoning around, a new speedo is being posted down from a Sydney wrecker.
Once I got the tacho working and took it for another ride, I twigged that a 4cyl at say 4000rpm will have double the pitch of a 2cyl at 4000rpm.. – so where I thought i was getting it up to around 8000rpm or so, I hadn’t it past 4k rpm! Once I realised that, I gave it a good squirt, and the adrenaline is finally starting to wear off, four hours later!!!.
Been doing some searching through teh net, and it appears that the XJ isn’t the meaty tourer I thought it was.. – it’s bloody high-spec sports, which will give the ZZR600’s etc a run for their money.. here’s some specs:
Maximum Power: 60kw @ 9000rpm (yes, that’s 50% more power than my old 1600 VW!@#!@)
Weight: 241Kg (yes, that’s 1/5th that of my old VW!)
Maximum Speed: 204K/h
0-100kph time: 3.2 sec (Yes, that’s 3.2 seconds to get to 100km/h!@#!@#!)
Fuel Capacity: 18L
Average Fuel Consumption: 5L/100km (twice as good as my current V6)
So yeah, it would appear that I’m never going to have to worry about not having the power to maintain 110 on the freeway.. – It’s got plenty of grunt there!
Oh, you want the picture? Well here we go 🙂

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