Noly Carp!

Went for another ride with the OCAU folks – Met up with Kel, Simeon, Josh, Tony, and someone I can’t remember, then headed up to meet up with the sydney folks at robertson. Don’t think I’ve EVER ridden that hard and fast!
Was a pretty good day though – Had a close brush with Mr.Plod – Kel was somewhat ahead of the pack, didn’t notice the coppa, and went past him at some ungodly speed.. he puts his indicator on and starts looking for a place to do a u-ie, then sees another 15 bikes all doing equally ungodly speeds, and decides not to bother.
Finished off the day with Kel’s housewarming party, had a coupla vodkas early in the night, then headed home around midnight. Was pretty mad fun, and I actually managed to have a good time – making friends and keeping up a conversation is getting easier 🙂 (But hey, don’t expect to see me out in a pub on a friday night just yet…)

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