Screw This

Well I got my new glasses back on Thursday afternoon.. They seemed a heap better when i first tried them on.. Then once i’d got used to them friday, i realised they were actually worse – now instead of crystal clear vision in my left eye for about 30% of the lense, and then tapering off to extreme fuzzyness not far off that 30%, it’s now crystal clear at the EXACT centre of the lense, slightly fuzzy for about 60% of the lense, and really really fuzzy for the outer 30% of the lense.. And of course, the right eye is identical to my previous glasses.
So I’ve gone back to my old glasses, and I’ll go into OPSM on Monday morning and get a refund. I’d rather have only-slightly-fuzzy vision in both eyes, where i have exactly the same fuzziness at all points on the lenses, than get constant migraines from changing fuzziness as i look away from centre..
Will probably have to fight to get my refund – the optician lady that messed with the new frames when i put them on and they were still fuzzy was making grumbles about how I must have obviously not answered questions right when I was in with the optometrist, and if these lenses were no good, i’d have to get another optometrist appointment.. *censored* THAT. – Unless they’re planning on paying me for my time, I’ve had enough.
I find it hard to believe that I’ve had so much trouble.. Growing up, I went through a LOT of different pairs of glasses.. Now sure, every time I got new glasses, I had trouble judging height/distance/etc for a couple of days, but I NEVER had a varying fuzziness problem. This morning, I pulled my last five pairs of glasses out of their cases and tried them on. now sure, they get fuzzier as I go further and further back in time, but up/down, left/right around the lenses, i have exactly the same amount of fuzziness. It really makes you wonder – while growing up, I was getting healthcare-card-funded glasses, and never had a problem with them.. Now I’m paying for them myself (and at $600 they’re bloody expensive), OPSM have had two goes, and haven’t got them right yet!

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