Almost dropped the bike last night! Heading home from seeing The Day After Tomorrow with Kel, Sim, and Josh – Coming around the fold-back from Monaro Hwy onto Lanyon Drive, turned out the road was iced over (couldn’t see it!), so as I get into the point where I normally lean the bike over and open the throttle around the apex of the turn, both wheels start sliding!
OH CRAP thinks I, and shoves my foot down to catch the bike. Only a) I’m doing 30k/h, and b) the road’s iced over, so I can’t get any purchase, and instead i’m bearing the weight of the bike, without being able to actually get a grip on the road to throw it back upgright… Then finally my foot caught on the road and threw the bike back upright. ‘Woohoo’ thinks I. Then the pain hit.. eeeeek. Actually didn’t turn out as bad as I thought – this morning it’s rather stiff and aching, but doesn’t actually hurt (though granted getting on/off the bike isn’t fun as I’m having trouble putting all of my weight on the one leg.)
Ahh well, at least I didn’t actually bin it! Hmm, gonna be a *censored* of a winter 🙁

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