Long day – didn’t finish up yesterday until 2am this morning – taking photos of all the cars for the elite presentations today.. Had to wait until the judges had sorted it all and made their final decisions.. Was meaning to be back in around 8am, but slept waaay through my alarm, and ended up back in at 10, building up the huge (100 slides) presentation, which we just managed to have finished in time for the presentation at 1pm..
Got into the nats easy enough today – came in the traders entrance 🙂
After the presentation I uploaded all of yesterdays and todays shots onto the website, then spent an hour out with Plucka, the nats mascot, getting photos, then came back and loaded them up on the web… Then met up with jase who’d found toby, josh, and karen, and sat around for a while before they decided to head off, then jase and I headed back up here to the office, where I uploaded his photos from the day..
Now there’s a nice quiet time till the supercruise starts at 7:30…

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