Woot terra is back

Ok, it’s back to 30 now, and hopefully will get cooler as the night goes on..
Terra came back to life – i’d put a new primary HDD in and gone to install 2k3 server, and got the same stop screen.. At least this time I could read it, and discovered the scary MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION.. That’s the one the CPU sends to the OS to tell it that there’s a hardware failure… Pulled EVERYTHING out, and put the original primary HDD back in, and it booted XP just fine… OK, add first raid card and disk stack.. Yep boots fine.. Add second raid card and disk stack… Yep boots fine.. Add third raid card and the extra disks.. Yep, boots fine.. Although I notice that as I access disks, the three fans on front speed up and slow down (you can JUST notice the beating of the blade rotation against each other – yay for lit fans..).. AHHHHHH Power is JUST at the limits… OK, so finally plug in the second PSU (it’s been sitting there not being used), and move one disk stack off the main ATX supply onto the second HDD-dedicated supply (it only has 12+5v HDD molex’s coming out of it..).. Bingo, she boots, and the fans all stay at the same speed… YAY!!

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