Relocated the TEV-1 AGAIN

Been having absolute hell getting much reception at all on 40m.. After shoving the TEV-1 specs into an antenna analyser, I realised the installation instructions from te manufacturer are simply *wrong*. I’m not sure why they say to use a 4:1 balun (I threw that away after the first day), or to get it ‘as high above ground as possible’.. but analysis shows that *sitting on the ground*, it has a VSWR of 10:1.. Sitting 3m above ground, that jumps just a little bit.. – to 129611:1!@#! Yeah, that’d be why I’m not hearing much 😉

So the TEV-1 is now down off the big 8m mast, and will go up behind the shed again, at roof level with three grounded radials below it, as soon as I get new bolts from TET-Emtron.

Oh, yeah, I again had the privilege of being the only person to ever have the screws disappear from their TEV-1! I find it slightly surprising that I’m the only person to ever shove their TEV-1 up in the air (like the instructions say 😉 ), although maybe I’m just the only person on the coast doing it 🙂

Either way, all good, they offered to send me replacement elements if I wasn’t able to separate them (8hr in lanolin bath sorted that out!), and are sending me bolts to replace the screws, so it shouldn’t come apart again 🙂

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