Antennas Up!

Well, it took me bloomin long enough, but I finally have some antennas up at the new house.. Yes, it took me three months to settle in enough to get antennas up,, so bite me :-p

We’ll see how the TEV-1 goes here.. I only ever had luck with it mounted on the roof of the shed at the old place, otherwise it seems like a pretty useless hunk of aluminium? Thinking I might ebay it off, and put the money towards an antenna analyser and a Buddipole… (That way I can take them with us when we go on holidays too.. nothing like sitting in the car with the toughbook, working portable 🙂 )

Having a MUCH less private yard, and not being best friends with the one neighbour who can see into our yard (bloody everyone can see into the yard here!), I wanted to stick to the letter of our lease and council regs etc.. – aka ‘no permanent structures’.. *grin* So I’m utilising the back of the princess’s cubby 🙂 I mean I built the thing to withstand a hurricane, and it weighs in around 500KG, so a 3m mast hanging off the back isn’t even going to make it flex in the wind :-p

Turned out pretty well I think:

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