Mongoose M60 Programming


So, I tend to go nuts every few months, trying to find the Programming instructions for the M60/M80 Mongoose Alarms. So rather than bookmark the post I eventually find each time, and hope it doesn’t dissappear, or that I don’t lose my bookmarks, I’ll just reproduce it here 🙂


  1. Drivers door must be open
  2. Within 15 seconds of opening the door (note: Seems to really just be within de-arming the immobiliser), turn the ignition ON/Off the number of times for the programming charg (e.g. 3 times for remote code learning)
  3. Siren will then chirp the same number of times as the programme number.
  4. Press button one to turn the feature ‘ON’ – siren chirps once, lights flash once.
    Press button two to turn feature ‘OFF’ – siren chirps twice, lights flash twice.
  5. Leave system for 10 seconds – system quickly chirps 3 times (lights flash 3 times) to show exit of programming mode
Feature Button one (on) Button Two (Off)
3 Remote code learning
4 Ignition Door Lock ON OFF
5 Siren Chirps ON OFF
6 Turbo Timer Each press = 1 minute
Siren chirps for minutes set, max 5 mins
7 Last Door Arming ON OFF
8 Door Diagnostics ON OFF
9 Engine Immobiliser ON OFF
10 Siren or Horn Siren Horn
11 CDL Pulse 0.8 Sec 3.5 Sec
12 NSW Siren Timing ON OFF

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