Dipole up :)

Well yes, the TEV-1 sucks as ever, so I finally got my bum into gear and sorted out stringing up the 40m dipole.. Center is hanging from a tree in the back corner of our yard. One element comes back towards the house, strung up to a 6m pole conveniently stuck down between some formwork in the retaining wall at the side of the house (Pleasantly surprised to find a sturdy mounting point so easy without bolts required!).. The other element took a bit of work – trimming a bunch of dead branches from trees in the park behind our property, but finally (and after using the aforementioned 6m pole to get a pull-rope into the top of one of the trees, much to the amusement of the lady next door putting out her washing) it’s up and it’s all quite easy to take up and down if I want to finish the ‘fan’ part of the dipole build..

We’ll see how it works, I may just get off my butt and pull the buddipole out of its bag where it lives in the back of the Pajero, and set that up instead of having all the other stuff strung up permanently.. we’ll see 🙂

So far it’s working GREAT on 40m – put it up as it had been at the old house, and was getting a solid 1.2:1 SWR, so that’s good enough for me for now 🙂


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