Cabling almost done!

Yep, I was right. That’s a LOT of ribbon cable!  It should sit fairly cleanly though 🙂


It’s also a LOT of normal hookup wire.


Finally fitting it all into the chassis.  It actually fits VERY nicely!IMG_3096IMG_3099

Yes, I plait my cables.  Always have (You should see my rack cabling :-p), always will 🙂IMG_3100IMG_3101

Module 1 wired!  And time for Module 2


Oh, you know how I said the wire on the ATX extender didn’t look thick enough? Yeah, it wasn’t!  Melted the first time I fired it up!  Had to pull all wires from the socket, and run new cable from each pin.  That was the load of JUST the relays. (So ~2 A)


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